Saturday, August 7, 2010

most amazing running trail EVER

Well, one of them. Unfortunately no pics from the trail (I was running; so NOT carrying a Nikon while chugging along) but the running/hiking trail on the south east side of the town of Mammoth Lakes has the MOST amazing views!!! How could you NOT use that trail if you lived here.

This shot from the highway is a decent approximation, but still no where near as beautiful as being on the trail, 'cause you're closer to the mountains, there's no road, there's babbling brooks, beautiful bumble bees happily visiting flowers, birds coloring the air with song, etc.

Rolling lovely foothills under your feet and between you and the mountains, beautiful grey-green shrubs, blooming native flowers, and stunning views all around.


I'm sorry, was I running just now? I forgot. I thought I was just moving forward and staring agog at this STUNNING PLACE.

Drafted this a few weeks ago when we went to Mammoth Lakes. Posting now 'cause I wanna post something today but working, so here 'ya go. =)


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  1. does indeed seem rather idealistic! I can't do the trail running thing because i get wayyyy too distracted by cool stuff!


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