Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gallery gallery...

How can this not be some written record, incidentally inscribed by sentient (and literate) beetle larvae?

I think this is SO beautiful.
Totally art.

Lined page of text.

I encountered these yesterday on the trail to Sentinel Dome, at Yosemite National Park.

Oh, and there's a view there, tho' I seemed to focus more on the wood that day...

and on the way to and fro...

More pics later, including a few of the views, but for today, it's all about trees.




  1. We have a few trees around here with some similar beetle scribbling. Unfortunately, we also have beetles that have done similar things to the sill plate that's bolted to the foundation on our house! It's pretty in the's structurally compromising for the house though, but the beetles can't tell the difference :P

  2. Woah! Scary to have it on your home's foundation. Yeesh! That's generous of you to acknowledge that the beetles don't know the difference. =)

  3. the beetle art is pure hieroglyphics. Those shots are superb - what stunning views too


  4. Thanks so much, Laura. I know re: beetle creations--they stop my in my tracks and I just stare agape at the AMAzing beauty of the results of their daily wanderings.


Cool people write inside rectangles....