Friday, August 20, 2010

if you like bugs, you'll never be lonely...

While waiting for friend at a water stop at RAMROD (see previous post), this creature appeared on my snack.

The apple is mine, the banana was destined for my cycling-maniac friend, but we didn't end up seeing each other there (crowded and he was a BIT focused and JUST climbed thousands of feet).

However, this lovely spider (who is holding his/her legs like a crab spider...) did stop by to hang out. Was running around the top of the apple. I think it was setting up a web and thinking "wow, cool flower" and then decided, hm, I don't think it IS a flower, and left. This is my own personal theory. Who knows.

Either way, if you appreciate bugs (I use this term very loosely), you have a HUGE advantage over everyone else re: being interested and entertained and enlightened and accompanied by SO many amazing species.

I know an entomologist who started out as a kid being really into herps (reptiles and amphibians) and would go on hikes to find them and would frequently come up with very few, but all along the way there were bugs. All different kinds. Always. And that got him to thinkin'.

I've also heard about someone in solitary confinement basically becoming very interested in the comings and goings of ants because that was the only living thing he got to hang out with. I feel like it was Nelson Mandela, but can't find evidence to back that up.

Anyhow, re: appreciating bugs, I'm just sayin'. It's worth considering.


P.S. Discovered a goldfinch nest in the tree out my back door--was standing nearby this week (apparently too near, and I'm tall so my head was probably WAY too close) and I heard but didn't see a bird REALLY CLOSE chirping very unhappily at me. And it was thin and high pitched so figured it was something small. And now and then I hear the super rapid, very high pitch of what I expect are the babies when the parents are near saying "FEED ME!" I'll take a pic when I get back. It's a SMALL nest, my goodness.

P.P.S. And I investigated (while doing yard work yesterday) the place where I thought Stellar's jays nested this spring and yes, there is a substantial nest there, say, volleyball sized?


  1. maybe the spider was looking for one of it's missing left legs. Nice product placement too, you should get a royalty from Chiquita! You can even make a munched on apple look nice. I wonder if you had human observers wondering what you were doing, lol.

  2. Some bugs I don't mind at all; I find spiders fascinating.

    I found this re the person in solitary confinement:
    Elmer Geronimo Pratt

  3. Great to find bird nests. I expect to see some Stellar's Jay photos.

  4. @Anonymous: yes, poor thing, probably was wondering where that 8th had gotten to. =) Thanks re: compliment. I'm sure I frequently have people wondering what in the world I'm doing--common to people who take pictures of bugs (that are frequently on the ground, so that's where we are) and drop mid-stride while hiking to stare at scat.

    @Bub Thanks SO much for that link! I'm currently in a loud-ish coffee place but when I get to our destination I"ll give it a listen. How did you do that? Google skills? Nice!

  5. @Scienceguy288: well...I've not really taken any great shots of Stellar's AND they're done nesting. Maybe if it happens again next year I can set up a ladder and give it a shot? But I do have a chance to get the goldfinches (and no ladder required)... we shall see!

  6. For some reason, your title is coming up as mine on my Blotanical picks. Tracked down this post. Well we both take pictures of spiders, but you won't find me in a cycle race. Not hiking either, but walking, and stopping for the flowers.


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