Saturday, August 21, 2010

oop! Photo quiz Phriday (12 hrs late...)

Pardon, I was traveling ALLL day yesterday.

Why is there string above the cosmos? I asked this earlier and got no guesses, so making it an official quiz.

Fat hint was that they are growing in what used to be the chicken run.



  1. Because string and cosmos are great companion plants. also to keep the birds from landing/smashing the cosmos

  2. Okay, I will give it a shot. Is it some kind of chicken netting? Pretty cosmos!

  3. @ dipper ranch: funny. =) @ amy: it is related to chickens and dipper ranch is on the right track re: preventing SOME birds from landing/smashing SOMETHING (back when there were chickens in the garden)....

  4. to discourage those pesky hawks, owls, and other flying predators from devouring your defenseless chickens... perhaps.

  5. Yes, Anonymous is right! Ding ding ding! To keep hawks from flying into the chicken-run of yore and landing on my little hens.

    Worked, too. Short version of story is the string messed up a red-tail hawk's landing enough to keep my chicken alive and unhurt (if upset and squawking) and broke a string and BURIED it in a big dent in an empty garden plot. Woah!


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