Thursday, September 30, 2010

loving the little things: tiny wells of happiness

Don't know what the deal is, but being very zen and digging things in-the-moment, yesterday and today.

Yesterday I made gingerbread cookie dough and for some reason was really loving it.

First, I thought about how amazing it is to open a fresh container of ground ginger: so beautiful, smells so amazing, is from India and China, so SUPER exotic (if you stop and think about it), and here it is in my humble cupboard, waiting. Imagine if you had travel to INDIA to get ginger, for heaven's sake!

And how gorgeous is this? Amazing rich, warm color, incredible scent, and together, the ginger and cinnamon add SUCH excitement and depth to food.

Then, I was rapt, watching the swirling molasses ripple onto the surface of the batter. The higher you hold the cup, the finer the lacy design they make. Hypnotic.

Next, you finely grate and add lemon rind. Again: gorgous! And such a clean, invigorating scent.

At last you blend everything together, then divide the dough into 2 and wrap them. Normally you let it rest 2-8 hours, but I was tired so shoved them in the fridge, and took them out this morning.

The texture of these KILLS me, and I love that deep, chocolate brown. I want to pat and squeeze them all day. Honk honk! (I'm a texture freak, FYI)
And, while puttering around in the garden this a.m., I practically trip on a zucchini, and as I bend down to pick it, I get this color hit. Intense, very different colors, in a very small area. GORGEOUS, yummy little visual gift.

I'll take it!

LOVING this living thing. =)



  1. The colours are amazing - I can almost smell the lemon zest just by looking at the photo!

  2. Beautiful colors and yummy ingredients... so fresh! ;>)

  3. GINGER! is so good. i make ginger tea a lot, i just pour ginger powder like a crazy person in hot water and add some stevia. man, i really need to start cooking/baking again. I'm so lame.

  4. It is indeed the little things that give us great joy! Especially the little things that awaken our senses.
    I made gingerbread this week as well - one of my favorite fall foods!


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