Friday, October 1, 2010

Phriday photo quiz #19

What species am I?


P.S. Anonymous was RIGHT again, re: identification of last week's photo quiz (#18):

Anonymous guessed Typha (genus) and YES, anonymous is right. This is cattail, but I'd never seen it like this before, not having spent much time at a wildlife refuge when it's all dried out. I thought it looked like a pineapple plant, or something totally different. Who knew what cattails were hiding under all that water? Cool.


  1. Anonymous has spent LOTS of time in dried out wetlands! One of these days I will create a profile!

  2. =) Hee. Well, color you qualified! And yes, that'd be fun (profile), but it's SO up to you. Will look forward to your eventual self expression. =) Hey, and I know you can include some cool pic as your icon...


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