Friday, October 1, 2010

cutie, oh, uh... cuties?


I spot 
eye spots

How many eye spots do you see? It's worth a click to see him/her up close.

I swear he/she is smiling. PLENTY of tomato plants to eat, so I'm letting this tomato hornworm chow down. Go for it, fall is a comin'.


P.S. So, I drafted this post yesterday, before I went back into the garden. At the time I'd thought WOW that guy is growing faster than I thought possible. Yeah, well... as it turns out there are TWO. Here's 2 more shots I thought were cute. Stuffing its face with green tomato (mind you we have 10,000 tomatoes right now, so I'm fine with it).

Tomato Face
Can't talk; eating.


  1. I love cute. Nice capture.

  2. I love you share and share-alike attitude. I always say "plant enough for use and few extra for the neighbors" so what if it is the insect neighbors? LOL

  3. I'm always impressed at how large these green monsters get. Our last garden was plagued with them. Thankfully, I haven't seen a one yet. Very generous of you to let them finish up the last of the harvest. If we ever have them here though, I expect pandemonium among the hens will ensue :P

  4. =) Thanks.

    An entomologist/conservation biologist friend said this species is in decline ('cause so many people want to and do kill it), and there's an endangered one in Hawaii, so now I leave mine alone. I feel bad for the poor things. And they look so delightfully content enrobed in a green forest of tomato. =)


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