Friday, October 1, 2010

fish eye lens... and furtive fauna reminder

1. Just a friendly reminder that the deadline to paw through some of your photographs (say of wildflowers, etc.) and find those which sport wildlife you didn't see at the time, then either send them to me or a link to it (to biobabbler at g mail doc com) is OCTOBER 8th, next FRIDAY.

Please consider sharing your cryptic creatures with folks--given that I have two replies so far, I know I'm not the only one. It just makes me proud of these clever, cryptic animals. =)

2. Cool! Check out the live kelp forest/fishy cam at Scripps Institution of Oceanography's Birch Aquarium. In high definition, no less.

I find staring at fish and kelp very soothing.

And, honestly, the jellyfish room at the Monterey Bay Aquarium I believe is TOTAL therapy. So sooooothing.

Anyhow, back at Birch: according to my oceanically-inclined (and -employed) friend, you can watch folks feed the Scripps Aquarium animals on T, Th 12:30pm, Sat 2:00pm and Sun 10:30am.

Be sure and check it out via clicking on the full screen icon.

Watch it a few moments and I bet your blood-pressure goes down. =)

3. Have a great weekend! We're off adventuring and, of course, bringing my camera! We'll see if we can get outside in between thunderstorms. The weather here is kickin' up! SO excited for t-storms, rain, humidity, trippy clouds, etc., after all that HEAT last week.


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