Friday, September 3, 2010

may be problems for some re: comments

Got news from a friend that biobabbler is oh-so-rudely rejecting his comments. I tested it and it worked for me (as Anonymous, via Firefox and Safari) but am working on getting more details.

I don't suppose you can comment if you are having problems, but you CAN e-mail me at biobabbler at g mail dot com.

If you are having problems, please tell me how you identify yourself (what option you use via "Select profile..."), what browser you are using (version if you know), and if you have a firewall to contend with (as do many feds).



p.s. My fingers and forearms are ITCHY!! They are COVERED in teeny tiny squash spines. The crookneck plants are OUT of conTROL, and I discovered a zucchini that was obscured by 10,000 leaves so is pretty hefty.

2 minutes of picking, 3.5 lbs of squash. harvested another 3.5 a day or two ago. close to 4 lbs a few days before that. Hm. Thinking a giant squash casserole (Midwestern genius recipe) is in order, and grilling.

And why, just now, did I buy vegetables at the grocery store?!? With 11 lbs of home-grown squash?

Yikes. And  I just noticed the sugar baby watermelons are getting pretty substantial.

Trying not to spiral down into produce panic...



  1. Hi Biobabbler - testing to see if I am rudely rejected too. That's a lot of Squash to get through - you'll need a large family!

    p.s. small piece of techie advice - you need to disguise that email address to prevent spam bots finding it! Here is how to do it -
    strip out periods and "@" symbols. For example, "YOURNAME AT YAHOO DOT COM."

  2. @ Laura: wow, thanks. Major oversight on my part. OOps! =) Oh, ps looks like it worked... (your comment) =)

  3. Squash have spines? Hm, I didn't know that. Learn something new every day :)

  4. @Kyna: Oh, yeah. I remember, well, it's so long ago, probably just remember remembering, BUT the first time as a kid I went to pick a zucchini I was SO SHOCKED at all the tiny painful spines everywhere. Felt personally affronted.

    It's part of why the squash is included in the 3 sisters (squash corn and beans together in one plot)--the spines on the squash discourage the raccoons from accessing the corn they so love. =)


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