Saturday, September 4, 2010

unusual pet store in San Diego...

It's Pet Kingdom (not a commercial, it's just a cool place to go). I learned about this place from USGS herp guys, who said these people breed their own animals vs. go to the desert and poach them. Ever since then, when in S.D., that is THE pet store I go to. Lately, just for entertainment.

How many pet stores have tortoises?

Or bantam roosters to catch the stray crickets (essential herp food item, so abundant at such a store). The smart thing about getting a bantam is that it is SO small it can WALK under the racks.

Gorgeous creature.

But reminds me why I, in the end, decided NOT to get a snake. I was interested in getting some reptile, years ago, 'cause the biologists I knew who knew most about a species actually raised them. An amazing way to learn a TON about an animal.

However, every time I'd visit the office where they had snakes, etc., the snakes always, if active, were trying to get out. I asked the guy there: do they always do that? "Yeah."

So, I decided no.

So, instead of getting something that might make me sad, like this:

Which I just want to set free, I got a Siamese fighting fish. Actually it was given to me. But I learned that they evolved to survive in tiny puddles, so totally love small spaces.

Happy compromise. Didn't do a lot for me professionally, but he had a pretty nice place (I bought all kinds of plants to wild-up the tank) and got to live on live brine shrimp, so that wasn't bad. =)



  1. I agree, so sad to see them wanting so badly to escape. I have a cockatoo, which I have had for over 30 years. He eats dinner with us and gets his own shower and annoys the heck out of the neighbors, his favorite pastime. He has had opportunity to leave, but never did. Some caged animals do have it good.

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  3. Oh, I agree re: some pets totally have it made. I knew someone who had an anole who had the rule of the house and it just cruised around and ate whatever bugs happened into the house. Lots of animals would prefer safety and guaranteed food and water over endless freedom and adventures. Including lots of people. =) xo

  4. The emerald tree boa must be my favorite. Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I have a Siamese Fighting Fish; I call him BlueFin. I'm amazed how he doesn't get bored, in there all by himself. I swear he came over to look me in the eye the other day, then chomped his jaws a few times, then swam the the top of the water where he would find a few pieces of food if I got his message right. So, you know, I fed him. Lorna

  6. =) @ Sciencguy, thanks for the i.d. I remembered "emerald boa" but was too hurried to look it up.

    @ Lorna: =) Funny. My SFF was also very interactive which I didn't expect. And I named mine Blue. =) Sounds like yours was a great communicator.


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