Monday, September 6, 2010

Where did all the oil go? (And WONderful marine creature photos)

Here's an article re: what folks are doing to try and find out where the oil is.

So if, like me, your friends are wondering what's up with the "oh, it's okay, the oil is mostly gone" claims they're hearing, there are some unaffiliated folks trying to find it.

This I find reassuring.

Thank you NSF and NOAA and Univ. of Texas, Duke, UNC, and Woods Hole, and everyone involved.

I have a few friends who do research cruises and they work HARD out there.

Honk if you love marine science!

Oh, and the MOST amazing sea creatures living deep-ish to SUPER deep in the ocean. Incredible color photographs. Thanks National Geographic!


  1. The nice thing about dispersant is that it works wonderfully to cover up mistakes. And it was just that on the part of BP: a coverup. The oil is still there, just dispersed in the water column. But it's not like biomagnification will have any effect, right? (*include sarcasm here*)

  2. I think everyone would like to be certain that there are no horrible effects from the oil spill. The issue just simply disappeared from the media, didn't it?!?!


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