Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my favorite shot from today's trip to Merced NWR


I like the freaky shots that get abstract. Looks much cooler BIG. Click and enlarge. I might post a bigger version is this doesn't fit the bill. (p.s. I did. Looks better with more pixels, so feel free to ZOOM!)

Taken at Merced National Widlife Refuge today. Who knew the sandhill cranes would already be there?!? And white-faced ibis, and black-necked stilts? And I think I saw a shoveler. Plus the usual ground squirrels, killdeer, and cows.

It was NICE to get out.

Plus, this way (going early early fall vs. winter when it's wet and covered in geese) it's not at ALL crowded. =)

More anon.


1 comment:

  1. Envious to hear about all the birds you saw! And love the photo,
    I'll do as told and zoom in on it.

    (You'll be in Sonoma? Visiting friends??)


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