Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Want happy chickens? Just add (plain, organic, whole) yogurt.

 Good start to the day

Yogurt (mustache): It does a chicken good.

After laying down the yogurt, all I heard was the tap, tap, tap of 4 chickens slurping up yogurt. They LOVE it. So cute. =)



  1. Now that is a surprise though when we kept chickens they just lapped up the left over macaroni cheese. Something about those dairy products phaps.

  2. That is so cool!! I had no idea you could feed chickens yogurt. Great mustache. ;>)

  3. =) Yeah, I like the yogurt mustache, too. I first gave it to them when they were clearly having digestion issues (will spare you details) and I read to mix plain yogurt with their feed. Well, it turns out they love it straight!

  4. Its good for disguising medicine as well if you need too :)


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