Sunday, September 19, 2010

non-vegetable gardening happenings: poor, little irises...

About two years ago, Bear and I totally randomly saw "Garden Tour" and "Irises" signs and veered off our errand-running path to check it out.

Therein we saw the MOST AMAZING assemblage of irises I've EVER seen. This is my #1 most favorite non-native flower.

Rows and rows of the most richly colored, luxe, big-as-your-head (well, practically) irises of EVERY color imaginable. None of the skinny ones (which I eschew) with no scent or beards. There were the big, mondo fuzzy ones with color and scent to die for. FanTAStic.

I returned the next day to agonize for an hour and eventually select 5. Pay now, they deliver in fall.

They did deliver. To my door. With a delightful note stating that if I planted them today, they'd never even know they've been moved, so all would be well. So sweet.

And there they sat.

Since then, these irises have lived in their pots, outside, RAREly getting watered, in the blistering heat and frozen snow for about 2 years.

Horrible. Every growing truckloads of guilt.

I'm amazed they're not dead. And totally impressed.

So, in an effort to confront yet another thing that's been plaguing me with chronic guilt, as of Friday, I've done something about it.

They're planted!

So, here's the row of hopefuls:

Thanks to my camera, and now this blog, I also have their names (and anticipated colors) recorded.

So, next spring, I am hoping we will welcome to the world, from left to right:

Aplomb (mulberry plum), Dance Hall Dolly (white/pink maroon with rim), Hollywood Nights (black-violet lace), Bay Rum (red-violet tan), and Yosemite Sam (rose-pink plum).

Crossing fingers that these brave plants grow and (at last, long last) thrive and bloom next spring. Heaven knows they've earned it.

I'll keep you posted!


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