Friday, September 17, 2010

Phriday photo quiz #17 -- geography, again! PS: perils of anonymity...

1st of all, Yes, folks, the town in the photograph last Friday was Moab, Utah. =) The first (and emphatic) guesser what right. Ding ding ding ding! =) Nice work, Anonymous. And speedy, too!

This week's quiz: Where was I (generally) when I took this picture, and (extra credit) what is that rock-looking thing on the horizon?

Happy guessing, and please fling your guesses my way--I think I'll hold them for a while so I don't give away the answer too soon.

Thanks, and happy weekend. Traveling next week and not sure what my schedule will be (besides unknowable), so may post less next week. But, plan to tour nearby nature, so EVENtually there will be pics.


P.S.  Anonymous is such a smartie--have you noticed that? =)

P.P.S. Speaking of anonymous smarties, that brings to mind a tragic tale I'd like to share, in the hopes that someone might benefit by resisting similar temptations (NOT an anti-anonymous-contributors-to-biobabbler-commentary--I LOVE comments, and since I myself am anonymous here... hm....well, ANYhow...):

The Price of Bashfulness
(esp. when mixed with self-doubt)

Way back in college, I took a required physics course. Students had the (novel-to-me) option to take it anonymously. That meant you write your student ID # on tests/quizzes vs. your name. This was a big class, hundreds of students, so anonymity was well within reach.

Being naturally (strangely) bashful (as I said, not even my friends will agree re: this about me), and pessimistic about my impending performance (not having particularly enjoyed physics in high school), I snagged that option, and used my number throughout the entire course.

Yay! How clever!

No humiliation if/when I blow some test or quiz, revealing myself to be an intellectual pipsqueak. phew.

And then, 10 weeks later, I get my final grade.

An A+.


Yeah. In physics. Me, a bio major. An A+.

A few moments of frozen stillness transpire as I stare at incomprehensibly at the report card and my brain processes a) the grade, and b) the implications of having been invisible the whole quarter.

Then I fight the intense urge to tear my hair out and scream "Nooooooooooooo!"

The ONE CLASS I decide to be TOTALLY nameless and faceless, with NO accountability, I get an A+.

Great. There goes my opportunity for a recommendation, or even a subtle, just-between-us congratulatory/approving half-smile from the professor as we pass each other in the hallway.

Clearly, that A+ proved I'm a total genius.



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