Thursday, October 21, 2010

desperately seeking my favorite JOTR photo...

It's a picture I took many years ago. Have since learned it's popular for posters, etc. Who knew? I just thought it was cool. So, wanted to see if I could find it again.

So, I drove to the general area, looked for it, didn't find it, got a little lost,

made some friends along the way,

(this one is larger, so click on it to see the "eye of the needle" part of it)

stopped to enjoy the view,

found the road/my car,

Can you find it? Click on pic to see...

made my descent, glancing back from whence I came,

and hopped into my Honda, deciding it's okay if I don't find the feature I'm fond of.

I had a great time exploring the boulder wonderland, and saw some amazing things. And got some quality quiet time among astounding rocks.

Then, on a lark, I turned left vs. going straight for one last, half-hearted attempt, from another approach. What could it hurt? And it'll burn a few calories.

And BLAMO, there it was. Easy as pie.

And then the sun came out.


Life is good.



  1. That would be almost exactly the same picture we have hanging in the office. Probably just a bit better in person, no?

  2. Hee. That's too funny. Like I said, it's popular! Yes, WONderful in person--esp. as you must get out of your car to find it.


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