Thursday, October 21, 2010

today's harvest: blinded by buttercup

Another unusual harvest day. Or, maybe it's just a fall thing. Cut pretty much all of the winter squash I could readily see. At least until I couldn't see.

buttercup squash, tomatoes, and corn

Once again, gardening around 10:30 a.m., when apparently my blood sugar has crashed (thought I felt fine...), so blinking, grabbing for old corn and squash I said out loud: "Why can't I see?" I'd blink again and my vision re: what I was staring directly at would return, but then it'd happen again. yikes.

So steered myself and the umpteen squashes swaddled in my sweatshirt back to the house for a meal. For me, not the squashes.

Woke up later, and the stems had been oozing clear liquid that the ants liked onto the floor. Picked myself up from my brunch-induced coma and cleaned up the mess, unceremoniously swiping ants.

Take Home Lesson
Freshly picked winter squash initial storage position? Stem-side up, if you don't want cute little sugary pools. =)

Learning all the time with this gardening thing.

Picture is from here, Wikipedia.

Thinkin' that's partly why Thomas Jefferson (brainiac) and George Washington (brainiac who had his own still!) were so into it.

You can seriously geek out; and it's never the same. Ever.

And it's fun.

And yummy.

And pretty.

And the ants love it!



  1. Thom and George liked squash or gardening?

  2. hee. Well, I don't know about their squashy feeling, but they were VERY SERIOUS gardeners/farmers. And innovative, making new varieties, etc. George's rotation system was somewhere around 11 years long (can't remember; learned that last Christmas at Mt. Vernon). CRAZY complex. And Jefferson was very into keeping weather and garden diaries. Even recorded weather where he was when traveling. ALways thinkin'.


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