Thursday, October 7, 2010

furtive fauna REMINDER + red, green, & brown

1. REMEMBER: Last day to turn in furtive fauna shots you've taken is tomorrow (either send me the pic or the link to your posted pic--check the link for details). Oh, heck. Scratch that. YOU HAVE the ENTIRE WEEKEND to paw through and find something. The more the merrier, right? I'll be back in town late Monday, so Tuesday I'll see what you all have come up with.

2. Fall bounty.


black cat, pink tongue & day's harvest

3. New plot for lettuce, etc.; arming against gophers.

Couldn't find wire cutters, so to add another width of wire, I just folded it over and hung the rest of the role on the stakes. Patience is not always a virtue...


Here, most of the dirt is back, and new bag o' composted manure is poised to be added: this is right when I ran out of calories and had to stop. =) MAN those bags are heavy if they've been sitting in the rain--woah!

4. Sprout update: the pak choi cotyledons are up (cute!), I think I saw ONE beet sprout (mind you, this is before the brutal rain and HAIL storm yesterday afternoon), broccoli continues to advance VERY slowly, and so far no clear action in the kale department. Hoping if it clears up a BIT today I can finish the lettuce plot and plant it!

QUESTION TO GARDENERS: So, are beets normally kinda slow to sprout? It's been wet and cool, so that may have affected things, but man, that pak choi POPPED up right away. Eager! =)

5. Soon, I will post more pics from last weekend soon--there's a few more goodies in there, plus a very cool factoid I learned.

6. This weekend we're off to the San Luis Obispo area for a biobabbler family gathering (LOVE my family--SO fun), and there's a parade involved (that we attend, not run). We'll see if we get out into nature avec Nikon. =)


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