Wednesday, October 13, 2010

kindaquiz answer + contextual pics


Well, the first guess, which was cracked brownies, is precisely why I like this picture. Because it is not clear, right away, what it is. That is a quality I adore in nature photos.

So, it IS a nature photo, and all of you next guessers were there. Funny, it's not dune or cliffs but it's rock (relatively flat) right NEXT to a cliff and just downhill from dunes. And yes, it was recently wet (since it's intertidal). How freaky is that? Again, y'all are a bunch of smarties!

Welcome to Montana de Oro State Park, California, home to AMAZING rocks. Oh, yeah, and there's an ocean, too. =)

 Here's where the trail starts descending toward the sea

 Nice dune shoulder
Dune resident

My guess re: the rock type was sandstone/mudstone, but I'm SO not a geologist, so found this re: Montana de Oro geology:

"The Monterey Formation is a widespread, thick body of silica-rich rock laid down in Miocene time, approximately 16 to 6 million years ago. It's easily recognized throughout the Coast Ranges by its rhythmic bedding and cherty nature, although parts of it are shaly and full of fossils."

If you were describing a person and said they had a "cherty nature," what would that mean?

This place has amazing rocks--freaky lumpy cracked rocky landscape. It's like the whole place is an experiment in clay and porcelain manufacturing techniques.

Are those the coolest rocky mounds, or what?

Biobabbler descends

to a very fancy, cracked porcelain floor


Root descending cliff

Check out the 50,000,000 rocks layered in that crazy cliff...

So there ya go, rockin' intertidal rocks.

More pics later, including one of my all time favorite shorebirds--sweet!



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