Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New carnivorous mammal species discovered!

Here's the article and pics, to boot. Small, toothy creature, called Durrell's vontsira, cruises the wetlands of Madagascar. A VERY small area. Apparently there are other vontsira species around, but this one has clear differences so they are quite confident it's a new species.

This photo is from the Durrell Wildlife Conservancy Trust. 
As IF I've been to Madagascar--I wish! 
BTW they took some quick data on the few they caught, then released them.

Unfortunately, Madagascar and its wetlands are an ecological mess and there are many endangered and otherwise imperiled species there, including this one. They guess there's only a few dozen of these guys.


Looks to me like the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust's involvement is why the creature was discovered, so if you're interested or motivated, I'd go to their site to learn more/donate.

However, it is exciting. At least they are now known, and that is good.

So, next scrabble game, try vontsira on 'em, and have your URL citation ready. That'll learn 'em to under estimate you, and the power of science!


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