Wednesday, October 13, 2010

alright, answer to 2 week-old photo quiz....


This is a sugar pine. I'm kind of surprised no one got it. It's very tall, has a pretty distinctive wacky branch shape, and grows in Yosemite. Not abundantly apparent in THIS shot is the fact that they grow HUGE cones which hang from the end of their branches.

Anyhow, was describing this tree (with basically no hints) and my aunt guessed it; she IS, however, a Cal Poly grad, and general nature nut.


Anyhow, apparently it was a stumper (no pun intended). Pardon.

I may be on the road starting at the end of this week for a while, and may be very busy, so might not post, then.

I DO still have some decent pics from recent travel to post, and I'll try to figure out a Phriday photo quiz phor y'all.


P.S. I WILL be taking pictures at this place, so may be more fun photos next week!


  1. ah, darn. I should've guessed but when I didn't see any of the huge cones dangling, I hesitated. Looking forward to more challenges.

  2. Aw =) I'm glad you're psyched for more. Remember, it's good you didn't guess 'cause the penalty for guessing wrong here is... well... NOTHING. =) No minus points for incorrect answers, and tons of partial credit. You are among friends. =)


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