Thursday, October 14, 2010

weird harvest day... and sexy chocolate shot

Finally harvested the watermelons--the vines were all dead, so figured it's time. Yanked out the vines.


Watermelon for the season: Done.

 The last of the summer squash.

Growth rates super slow, and I want the plots for something else, so out they came, and into the chicken runs.


Squash for the season: Done.

More nightshades! Lotsa jalapenos.

Had to take a shot of the weigh in of our largest tomato this year

Large is not a priority for me re: tomatoes.
Taste and vigor are.

Nevertheless, I have been beguiled by this plump cutie.

Harvested corn, yesterday, until sunset.

Not flinging the stalks, yet, as they are still supporting winter squash.

Vast majority of the corn for the season: Done.  

Can you see why a color freak like me would grow this corn? YUM!

Not sure how to dry it, but hoping some day it'll be blue corn flower.

Then blue cornbread, maybe? COOL!

Cosmos seeds (and petals). Collected these, then...


Cosmos for the season: Done.

Feeling kind of ruthless in the garden, of late;
when in doubt, yank it out. =)


So, while in garden yesterday, after 1.5 hrs, covered in dirt, sweat, and a mixture of live and dead aphids (corn = aphidy), the orange sun sinking below the horizon, I remember: I'm supposed to make something today for Bear's potluck.


My default if I space on said task is brownies. Easy, popular, smell good, and I usually have the ingredients.

And that's where this came from:

I love how glassy and smooth this chocolate looks in the pale blue bowl.

Chocolate is so beautiful.


And last, but not least, these folks stopped by to say Hi to y'all...

Cuties. Looks like a double date.

Looks like I'm not the only one running around this fall, preparing for winter. =)


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  1. what? i'm completely jealous of your loot! holy yum stuff! awesome!


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