Friday, October 15, 2010

Phriday photo quiz: how's your aerial geography?

What/where is this?

Saved it larger than normal, so feel free to click and zoom.

=) Have a great weekend!



  1. Not sure but it is a lovely image. I love the feathery edges to the coastlines. ;>)

  2. Lake Mead! Which, for those who deal with the National Park Service, is no longer officially abbreviated LAME. Must have been hard being LAME....

  3. So, first Melissa (to be forever known as Super Speedy) got it first--sweet!! Honk Honk! Yes, it's Lake Mead, when we flew over it this summer.

    And ALSO correct are Hugh and CP. EXCELLENT work.

    I like E.R.'s guess--very cool. And fjord is such a great word. Lastly, glad you liked the pic, Carol. =) yes, it's amazing the shapes that nature takes.


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