Saturday, November 20, 2010

up with the coyotes, down with the rain beetles

The coyotes got me out of bed yesterday, then last night I went to bed because I couldn't write in the dark, but having the lights on meant the poor rain beetles bashed their substantial bodies against the windows and did not actually find females. So, for their sake, I just went to bed.

Who knew wildlife would be setting my schedule for me?




  1. You are so generous to those beetles!

    I think I saw a coyote in my parking lot at work a few weeks ago. I was about 50 feet from it, got a crappy pic with the iphone and when I tried to get closer it casually trotted away. Everyone I told said it had to be a dog, but I really don't think it was!

  2. =) Well, I just want to make sure they fulfill their destiny and aren't diverted 'cause of some dopey human's lightbulbs.

    Well, I would not be surprised if it was a coyote. They are in San Diego canyons, LA canyons, etc. Most people (non-biologists) I have learned are REALLY not good at wildlife ID, but you obviously are cued in. Hunters generally are very good.

  3. Thanks for the belly laugh! I love hearing the coyotes! A bit of a chilling thrill each time. ;>)

  4. @ Carol, oh, yes, I agree re: your ears perk up and you're a little freaked by hearing coyotes in a fun, mildly thrilling way. =) When I was last at Joshua Tree NP my friend and I walked her 2 dogs in the dark (SUPER bright stars, though) for about 30 minutes. Got back, 3 minutes later at least 6 probably 12 or more coyotes started up, all OVER the place. Clearly, we were surrounded, little did we know. =)


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