Friday, November 5, 2010

wow. whattaday. wordless, but whatever!

First, I whine for a millisecond about getting out of the house at dark time (earrrrrly) to get my haircut.

Then, I actually GET outside, and see this:

was much more impressive in person and about 45 seconds earlier...

I should have known.

I had the MOST amazing day.

Bear had asked what I was doing after getting my hair cut. I said something dull like, "uh, cooking those tomatoes into sauce?" and he suggested (WHAT is he THINKING?!?) instead I consider going to the park (Yosemite valley, specifically) 'cause fall is happening and it's really pretty, and it's supposed to rain this weekend.

Now, why would I do that?

Uh, because it's one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and (since we have an employee sticker) it's free?!?


So, yeah.

I went.

Pictures soon.

(okay, here's one)
 (do click on this--SO much better big)

In short: a spec-TAC-ular day, then looking for Bear at his office, ran into an NPS friend, chatted, got him to send me a few COOL pics that I may post, and saw another friend (USGS) which was delightful as ever, chatted with him a bit, then found Bear outside, who'd just run with a co-worker whom I've not seen in ages who needed a ride to his car, so I got the low down on how he became a SMOKE JUMPER since the last time I saw him!!!

Wow. Then went to eat at a place in town, and there were another 7 people I knew there. I SWEAR I saw every person whom I know in this county today. So, totally flying on the intensive nature hit, and then a huge social high from all those wonderful people.

Even learned about some new fungus sampling technique some folks recently used as part of a fungus bio blitz thingy that sounds a-MA-zing and you can BET I'll be sharing it once I learn.


Oh, and got zero words written today (you know, for NaNoWriMo) but really don't care. SO happy.


Good night! (if I can EVER get to sleep)


P.S. Predicting total exhaustion tomorrow. Typically follows insanely high energy day. =) Dood, I'll still take it!


  1. Beautiful shots! Aren't you glad you took the time to get outside? Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Glad you like them--more to come. =) Yes, I'm pretty much ALways glad I went outside. I just forget that it's okay to blow off what I should do (say, cook and can spaghetti sauce) to do what I want to do (hike in the amazing outdoors). Happily I got reminded. =)

  3. oh, I am so enjoying your adventures. the photos are a breath of fresh air. I hope you are writing lots on your challenge and stretching to keep your energy up. go-go-go then rest and breathe.

  4. @Cindy. I'm very glad. Great advice! "go-go-go then rest and breathe." I love it. And, I think I'll take it! =)

  5. ohh la la, loving that last shot. those colors are badass! But the valley i'm horrified of!

  6. =) @JN: Yes, well, I didn't really even end up going there. Hiked to Illilouette Falls via Glacier Point, so by the time I was done with that heavenly hike, I drove to the valley and didn't even stop on my way to El Portal (to find Bear). I think the hike up there was a good call, and I'd not done it in a few years--GORGEOUS all the way. In-SANE views, jeepers.


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