Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yes, Mojave in a rain storm


That is what's "weird" about the photograph. You guys were SUPER super close, but not exactly there. Plus, I figured I'd give more people a chance to try.

I have a strange record of being around rain in deserts.

Anyhow, thanks SO much for playing!

More pics soon + one right now.

 The trail to Illilouette Fall, which is where I actually went vs. Yosemite valley.

Incidentally, if you don't know (given what the page I link to says, which is "falls"), the convention is that if there is ONE drop off with water pouring out of it, it's a fall, not "falls." Hence my singular name that conflicts with the site I linked to. =) It's a judgment call (since I'm no expert) but I only saw one main drop off.

Learned that fall v. falls thing, literally, from a Yosemite Park Ranger handbook. =) Well, a binder, really, full of great factoids required for interpretive rangers to know about that amazing place.

I have a huge pile of words to make up today, so gonna be some fierce typing clacking from this kitchen table. Hope you guys get out and have some cool adventures!


P.S. still feeding the "wild grape" native yeast starter I started, when, Sunday? Will do that in one post, later.

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  1. Rain in the desert - a magical moment. I love seeing falls - looks like a beautiful hike to see them!


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