Thursday, December 16, 2010

ladybug soccer

Found this on Bug Girl's blog. She noted the ladybug discovered sprinkles have sugar AND static electricity.

(Double click on it if you don't get the full view...)

Fancy footwork! Seems holiday appropriate.



P.S. Back from fieldwork, a little sore and bruised, but good.

AND Christmas bird count was rescheduled to today 'cause of impending sheets of rain for days and days (and today is sunny tho' cold) and I cannot attend, but am glad they're adjusting to the weather. Otherwise I imagine the birds deep in the trees and shrubs, giggling, watching us lumber around in the mud, rain dripping from our noses, squinting to find even ONE bird. One bird elbows its neighbor, nods at us, and says: "Yeah, like we're coming out in THAT." =)


  1. Neat video. Sure looks like that ladybug learned some navigation strategy with time. I have an important field meeting on Friday at 10 am; we are hoping the heavy rain holds off for a few hours.

  2. =) I agree re: improved skill over time. Yes, I hope the rain can hold its horses until your meeting is done.

    I remember once meeting with a few people outside, our meeting was almost over, but it had started raining in earnest, and as one person continued to talk and talk and talk, I, standing there in an NPS (wool) uniform proceeded to smell more and more like a wet dog. =)


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