Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I like this shot 'cause it's a good indicator of what I do/like/require

At the top is my suitcase with field clothes galore (rain, no rain, cold, not cold, all possible weather), my computer backpack (love), field guides, water bottle, rain gear and mittens, backpack, jumbo boots, "cosmetic" bag (not a lot of cosmetics in there), and giant thing 'o' water (left over from something else, don't normally buy water). Oh, and you can just see my yoga mat at the top, and my camera is in there somewhere.

Add food, and this is all biobabbler needs. Although, it looks like a lot.

Here's a lovely loggerhead shrike that I saw while I was "riding fences" Monday. They have a more variable song repertoire than I'd thought. Super cool creatures, and my next post will feature a few of the gnarly meals this guy or a neighbor'd jammed onto the barbed wire. Serious birds!

Weather's been amazingly nice. Only rained last 30 min. of work day yesterday, so that was great, and I learned some parts of how to assemble an electrified fence and a wildlife barrier fence.

My favorite part was being a runner (for electrified fence). You take a big spool of orange thread (that has a VERY fine metal thread within it) stuff it onto a pole so it can spin, then run around the enclosure, clamping the thread at every T post, and that's it. So, paid to be a hyper spaz and run/speed walk all around the site, twice. Fun!

Anyhow, today is the last day for me then I'm out.

Flooding predicted at Yosemite NP (the valley) so that may wreak havoc with the Christmas Bird Count. The evening meeting (the tally) is in the valley, so we'll see if that happens.

=) Either way I've pledged to make a lasagna for all the birders, so I will, even if I have to hand it off to someone in a boat for delivery. =)


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  1. That's a really neat shot with all the windmills in the background O_O


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