Tuesday, December 14, 2010

genetic doppelganger...

I am supposed to be, generally, 1/8 the same as my cousin, genetically speaking. Re: one particular cousin, by chance, the percentage is clearly a LOT higher than that.

Was just up in my cousin's empty kitchen (6:10 a.m.) making coffee. A man I've never seen before walks into the kitchen, hugs me by way of greeting, chats idly about the cats, then leaves.

This is my cousin's uncle-in-law; I'd been told he'd arrive last night.


Yes, I look a lot like her.


P.S. Building electrified fence in the pouring rain, today. Wanna' come help? =)


  1. Funny! Did he ever figure it out?

  2. How funny!

    I will, sadly, pass on the offer of helping build the fence. Hope it goes well though :)

  3. Hee. Yes, he did figure it out. The next time he saw me he introduced himself, somewhat sheepishly. =)


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