Sunday, December 12, 2010

'tis the season...

Got this from Cakewrecks, but it's a creation of the a-MA-zing people at Highland Bakery in Atlanta, GA.

I am posting this because it's slightly biological (marine theme is always near and dear to my heart) and it's incredible and might inspire folks to try something OUT there (or even just get a piping bag for cookie decorating) for the holidays. =)

Mostly, though, it's just freaking cool.

Check out the (amazingly realistic) octopus gluing on shell roof tiles with a piping bag. WOW!

Not your ordinary gingerbread house, eh?

Am in the field next week so may post little or none. However, have had NO GUESSES so far re: the photo quiz. Anyone? Anyone? =)



  1. That cake is amazing. Very creative and I would be afraid to be the first one to take a slice.

  2. =) They are some daring, talented, creative folks, for sure! =)

  3. Holy moly! That's incredible and we are huge fans....

    Happy Holidays!
    -Carrie and Ben


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