Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In honor of the Oscar nominations (released today)...

(which can be viewed here), I'd like to nominate the following for Best Ground Crew (unpaid/amateur category):

Taken this a.m.

Clearly they are working on tactics (hey, Al, you go over there, I'll cover this area. Betty, head east toward the manzanita).

Hard at work.

I heart them.


And all the while they're helping us in our battle against non-native grass overload, they look SO beautiful doing it!

Our living, breathing lawn art.



  1. They are lovely....but why are there so many of them? And why do they eat my plants, flowers and trees and don't touch a thing in my trashy neighbors' yard? why?

  2. Ah, good question. Apparently, YOUR yard is lush and inviting, and deer are discerning. =) Success does not come without price. My garden (veggies, mostly) is surrounded by a 6+ foot fence or we'd get NOTHING from it, save deer visits and scat.

  3. Too bad you couldn't lure some of those flamingos from San Diego to hang out on your lawn, too.

  4. I love your lawn art. My ground crew (bigger, rounder and noisier than your svelte bunch) have deserted me for greener pastures. There's so much grass here at the moment that they eschew my garden. I'm having trouble finding my car.

  5. @Lynda: Hee. Delightful imagery, and bonus points for "eschew." =)


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