Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tiny sparkling jewels: mid-winter gardening update

FYI, weather's been warmer and things actually GREW in the last few weeks.

First, an overview shot from December 24th.

In a word: ew.

Clearly I have spent virtually NO time here.

Much clean up to be done. Oops. =)

Next, more shots from Christmas Eve, 2010.

Plants tiny and hardly growing at all.

lettuce plot: TINY tiny things

very cute fraternal twins?

pretty & tiny

pak choi plot

broccoli plot


kale leaf: such a gorgeous plant!

The main reason these guys are so tiny is that I planted stuff WAY late, so they didn't get time to grow before it got cold.

And since we're at over 3,000 feet in elevation, it gets pretty darn cold.

However, it's been hitting 60 lately, the days are getting longer, and it's been sunny and dry. So, I ventured out today, almost exactly one month later, and what did I see?

Things have GROWN! It's not a jungle, mind you, and still a ways from being harvested, but things are no longer almost invisible.

lettuce plot. aren't they adorable?

the twins--they're growing up so fast! =)

Glamor shot. SO beautiful.
Feel free to click to revel in colors and textures.

 Dark and mysterious lettuce.
Actually, looks kinda like bunny ears. =)

It's grown, this broccoli.
Not sure you can tell, relative to last month, but take my word for it.
You can tell the colors are getting more complex.

Kale plot.
 Not super easy to see the kale for all the weeds. =)

Closer view of this beautiful plant.

Again, is this a gorgeous leaf, or what??

So, THAT is the latest re: my garden. I didn't even bother taking pictures of the beets which have not grown in 3 months. Still tiny tiny.

Getting in the mood to clean up the garden, so if I make any significant progress, I'll share.


What's happening in your garden, if you have one?




  1. i am painfully jealous of your yummies (particularly the kale) and your elevation.

  2. Hi BB Good to see you've visited your garden mit camera! Lots of edibles making their way into the world ...and eventually onto the table. I'm strictly ornamental as easier to manage in my environs - and envy you those temperatures.
    Laura, London, 34 degrees


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