Thursday, January 13, 2011

upside down mountains explained...

I have on a few occasions taken upside down pictures.

This only happens if:
1) I've been steeped/hiking in quality nature,
2) there are comfy rocks around which make me want to stretch out like a cat in the sun,
3) there are great views,
4) I've eaten recently or am eating,
5) I'm over-the-top happy.

Typically, 1+2+3+4 = 5. (math folks, please forgive my poetic license)

Anyhow, on this particular day I was hiking with friends at Mount Rainier National Park. Parking at Sunrise, we hiked toward the burroughs (first and second burroughs, ended up just seeing but not getting to third) via Frozen Lake. (pretty big pics today, so click to enjoy)

Hiker heading across a talus-y but blessedly ice-free trail: Frozen Lake is just past the end of this hillside, on the right.

Looking back (northwest: can just see frozen lake left of the people), this is the part of the hike I thought might end in my death. Happily, it did not. Hence photo (Yay! I'm ALIVE!)

View west.

View southwest.

 Then alit on second burroughs.
Check out this CRAZY scale check (teeeeeeny people).
In your FACE mountain.

This is the last photo I took before I flipped.

I blame it all on Mount Rainier grandeur happiness overload.

I stretched out on my sun-warmed lunch site, lay back to see what the view was like behind me, and took some photos, much to the amusement of passers by.

I'd found a very cozy rocky sitting area, was facing my two dear friends, and staring at this gorgeous, lilliputian alpine plant community (which I adore and admire), as I shoved a sandwich into my maw.  (sigh)

 panning from left to right...

Way too happy.

These flowers were up there: can they get any more perfect?
I think not.

 Last shot I took before 2nd flip shot.

That plateau on the right is where we saw (from very far away) mountain goats.

If you'd not read that post, my friend (wildlife biologist who works there) SMELLED them many minutes before we saw them. And they were far away. How's THAT for knowing your stuff?!? Wow.
This was a snack shot (biobabbler requires frequent stops for eating; my friends are ALL very patient).

Photo slightly altered to protect the identify of my friend, who is ever-patient and understanding of happiness-fueled goofiness.

Here's a view of where I was sitting for the snack stop:

Beautiful, comfy rocks, beautiful lichen, crazy view, AND stuffing food into my face = why I flipped 2nd time.

Hiking alone frequently, I got into the habit of including my shoes/legs in the shot to prove I was there. Or, shadow shots. Or both. =) It's not the clearest pic, but the shoes crack me up.

Anyhow, that is the FULL explanation of that series of flipped photos.

They were flipped 'cause I flipped.

'Cause Mount Rainer is THAT amazing.



(for other pics from that trip, see this, my most conceptual post ever)

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  1. well hot damn! there's a whole lotta pretty happening here! I wanna go i wanna go! (and yeah, that icy spot..hold me!)


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