Thursday, January 27, 2011

your hair looks like birds nest in it?

This is one of the few photographs that popped up in iPhoto "Faces" when I was looking for a particular shot with me in it.

It was in the category "[Name] may also be in the photos below."

Made me laugh out loud. =)

Uh, what does that tell me about my a) hair, b) build. Granted, I am comprised mostly of straight lines, but really? A palm tree?!?


Ah, well.

Could be worse.


P.S. That is the famed Oasis of Mara in 29 palms at the Joshua Tree National Park visitor center.


  1. I don't believe your hair looks like palm foliage;~D
    I've been yearning to return here.
    Thanks for taking me on a virtual visit!

  2. Good ol JTree! Must get back there in the near future. Gotta. Silly Iphoto!


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