Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meadow Mumday meanderings explained plus bonus pics

 You really need to click on this one and the next to appreciate them.
 I'm not sure I knew snow made these beautiful, shimmery patterns.

This one has great color (when big).
These were growing in the wettest areas in the meadow.
Anyone know what this amazing rainbow-y plant is??
Our elevation was probably around 4500 feet and it was last weekend.

 Loving the shadows in this meadow, 
AND the way the grass has been matted down like wet hair.

 Saw some really cool instances of plant parts (needles, leaves) that had fallen onto ice, melting their shapes into the ice.

Here's 2 more:

I like this because this beautiful, rainbow-colored plant, looking very excited about the sunshine, is growing out of a giant pile of cow poop. =)

I like the optimism inherent in this. Making the best of one's situation. It's like a raised bed: higher than the rest of the ground, so it warms up faster, and heaven knows there's plenty of nutrients.

And here's to our public lands! Honk honk! Offering us opportunities for such adventures, without having to a) be able to buy big tracts of land or b) dodge land owner's bullets as we trespass, desperate to explore and commune with nature.

I seriously heart public lands.

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Public lands are great...although they would be better without cattle. I love the leaf/pine needle melts in the snow! Cool stuff (literally).


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