Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Phriday photo quiz answer: plus bonus photo of Science Chicks!


Anonymous AND Jim got this one, Ding ding ding! Yes, biobabbler is toting quadrats to aid and abet rocky intertidal sampling. =) Great job, you two!

And I must say this is probably the funniest round of guesses I've ever received. =) Also, thanks to Melissa for getting me to answer-mode. =)



I was at that moment tromping out to the next photo plot (probably mussel, as they are deepest photo plots) to lay out a quadrat on the next to-be-sampled boulder so that it's aligned with the frequently subtle blobs marking the plot corners.

This saves time for the person who is photographing the plots.

In our case, it was our marine biologist with a camera set up, connected to her own quadrat. This way, she can get to the plot, fling my quadrat aside, and BANG, put hers on right where mine was, make a note (via assistant) and CLICK/FLASH! She's done, and on to the next plot.

Here's an example, probably from the same day.

This also happens to be what was my division at the time: 4 Science Chicks, gettin' it done. GREAT fun. AWESOME group. The bending-over-one is me. Photographer is Marine Biologist, ladies on left and right were spectacular Biotechs. 'Fraid I don't know who took this picture (looks like a slide, based on film lint).

Time is of the essence when you can only sample while the tide is out (hopefully, way out). This means once the tide is going out and plots are becoming exposed, it's GO GO GO GO GO!


And, then, when the water comes back, you're done. No matter how ready you are, when the ocean returns, it's over, baby!

Fun stuff, and I get to help out again this Friday-Sunday--cannot WAIT!!! I'll be leaving snow and rain, praying for warmth and good lows.

And, of course, taking pictures, so will share the adventure upon my return. At least, that is, once I scrape the salty crust off my clothes and myself. =)




  1. Great photos, and it does look like fun! --Well, it's especially fun if you're just helping; I well remember trying to take photos and research notes at a low tide at sunset, just as the no-see-ums came in a hideous biting swarm--or trying to ignore the not-so-minus tide and do fieldwork in a foot of water...

  2. ooh, Olivia, I'm very curious where you were working and toward what end?

  3. Saw this and thought of you... and not because I think your socks are smelly!


  4. @ Bub: Wow! Salticids (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_spider) are a friend's and now my favorite spider group, & who knew re: 20 mosquito killing frenzy! Woah. Super cool, thanks!


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