Thursday, February 17, 2011

midnight coyote concert

I mentioned a while back seeing a pair of coyotes cruise through our property, presuming it was a post-rave walk home. I'd never seen a pair on our property before, just singletons.

Apparently they are members of a band, because they held a brief concert last night, waking me up instantly. Click on #6 "Coyote group" on this page to hear an approximation. Very nice moonlight last night...

Anyhow, it sounded close enough I thought I'd peek out the window to see what I could see.

And the concert came to a screeching halt. A few additional yips, but the real singing was instantly OVER.

So, either it's a coincidence, or: "Oh, man, it's that chicken-watcher chick. Shut it!"

Any other theories?




  1. Sounds rather like the nature watcher was being watched by nature, if you ask me (or even if you don't)

  2. Aside from the fantastic shots you brings back from your walkabouts, if I ever need cheering, your humour usually does it for me BB :)

    I think the screeching halt suggests they detected the Beep Beep of Bio Babbler - that Road Running chick

  3. hmm, i do like coyote concerts but if i had chickens yes, i'd be a little Ohh i emailed you about that thar jackass ranger from Big Bend (mighta got put in spam though!)


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