Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day late Mumday: wooly, silent buffalo




  1. Oh, my gosh, so majestic! --Especially with those vistas in the background. (Although, even without, there's just something grand about buffalo; I don't know why, exactly, they exude such gravitas, since cows really don't... Maybe it's the curls--it's very Roman.)

  2. =) Hee. I know, the backdrop of nearly EVERYTHING at Yellowstone is crazy rim of gorgeous snow-covered (at least in March) mountains. =)

    Yes, there's something very stoic and withheld about buffalo. Like they hide their wildness inside, but if you forget it's there, you may be KILLED. =) I LOVE subtlety and restraint like that, esp. when coupled with tremendous capabilities. AWESOME.


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