Monday, March 7, 2011

Phriday photo quiz BONUS PIC for guesses...

I realize now that due to the colors of the particular photo I posted, it may somewhat misleading.

So, in addition to this shot from Friday,

you can now ponder this one, taken in the same general area (same watershed).

So, now, any more guesses re: what and where they are?




  1. On the initial post, Melissa said: You are water? And for the bonus, if you ARE water, I can tell you where you are NOT. You are NOT in are especially NOT the Missouri River!

    Anonymous said: algae growing on a rock, somewhere in the SW based on the Sedona-ish color of the rock. Much cleaner water than WV, so not there.

    bb says: yes, water, yes, NOT Missouri or WV, yes, some is algae, but some is probably something importantly different--because of and comrpising that which makes this environment particularly unusual...

  2. geothermal in nature... Where the bufalo roam...

  3. @ Anonymous: YESH!! Ding Ding Ding! And you picked up on the hint I couldn't help posting today... =)


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