Friday, April 1, 2011

Cherchez la femme: wild turkey toms workin' it!

From just this morning:

The ladies.

As ever, leading the parade.

Gee, can you tell they TOTALLY KNOW I'm staring at them (from inside a house, behind a camera, crouched behind tall dresser)? I bet they've made many a hunter feel like a bumbling, crashing-through-the-woods amateur. They are so sharp.

Their suitors are not far behind...

 Mr. Poser on the right, looking spectacular.

Now cruising to catch up with the ladies...

... who are already exiting stage right...

Looking fabulous while speedily passing by.

Now the toms are stage right (in better light),
keeping a wary eye on me...

Oops, someone's hunkering down to pose, again.

And... here it is!


Yeah, baby!

Oops, now it looks like the non-poser is gaining ground
due to his competitor's posing-obsession...

Denied! Poser POWER walks to retain his lead,
hugging the inside track.

And the chase continues, toward another patch of land.

The ladies leading the way, and Poser still workin' it.

Ah, spring!

And this completes today's installment of:

"Turkey Splendor in the Grass"

brought to you by our two sponsors,

Spring and DNA.



  1. just makes me glad not to be a teenager anymore. thanks, that was a fun set of photos

  2. Once up in the hills, always up in the hills; or, my first reaction: "Nice woodpile!"

  3. =) @CP Ain't it the truth? Bear decided I was finally a resident of the sticks when he caught me ogling NOT the guy driving the truck, but the truck load of firewood. Totally busted. That didn't happen when I was a city chick! =)


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