Friday, April 1, 2011

In honor of SPRING -- prevent woo-ing birdy smash ups

Slap up a few WindowAlert window decals--they are AWESOME!
(These are the ones I get, like 5 envelopes at a time.)

The decals are clear for us, but reflect uv for the birdies, so quite obvious to them.

They are not expensive, stay up FOREVER, and do not impede your view at ALL.

(broad billed hummingbird photo by

And they keep these poor, love-crazed romantics from crashing into our windows.

Happiness is NOT finding little puffs of feathers on your window and/or hearing the BONK of a poor, tiny bird that smashed its little body into your window thinking it was pursuing happiness.

Happiness IS healthy, singing birdies flitting about, feeding chicks, decorating the heavens.

(photo of golden-backed weaver and nest by frederic.salein)

"Family values," biobabbler style.


(award winning photo of Calliope hummingbirds by Wolfgang Wander, Papa Lima Whiskey (edit))

Press them every few feet on your windows, and you WILL save lives.


And think how much you'll get to gloat! I sure do. =)


P.S. They also make great gifts (IMHO).
P.P.S. This is NOT a paid endorsement; I pay full price for mine. =)


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