Wednesday, April 6, 2011

early morning deer munching on spring buds -- yum!

 These photos are in sequence,
and all are huge so please click and stare.

face plant
mm, those buds look tasty...
(note clouds of spring bugs)

nibble, nibble

ooh, yummy!

monch, monch
(click on it and check out the nice chin markings)

that creature is taking pictures of me, again....
(click on this one to see its amazing eyeliner!)

yes, delicious


... annnnd, what's next?




  1. The doe on the left looks pregnant. Just a guess. Will you please post when you first see the spotted fawns? I would like to compare dates.

  2. Wow, sharp eyes, chica. Will DEFINITELY post fawn pics if/when I get them. SO SWEET!

  3. Awwww! How lovely! Even the bug swarm is gorgeous.

  4. Oh, what a lovely salad bar. Contented deer. Lovely photos, too. i especially like the eyeliner one.

  5. I'm a deer watcher, I'm a deer watcher, watching deers go by . . . (and frogs and newts and flowers and raptors, soon snakes . . . )

  6. Wow, is it me, or are all of you guys just too delightful? =) Cute. And now, Cindy, that song is in my head...

  7. I'm so glad spring is coming to the Northern Hemisphere; everyone's blogs are suddenly brimming with intoxicating things!
    I remember you said that you liked red river hogs, so go check out the lastest post at the ever-cute Zooborn blog. (

  8. @Lynda: awww! SO CUTE! Thank you. Yes, for some reason, I heart red river hogs. awesome, and I have a sister in law who is a red panda NUT so will pass this along (today's post is rp). =)


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