Tuesday, April 5, 2011

possibly premature re: Joshua Tree NP annoucement...

Well, now not so sure it's over.

Heard rumors that it may not be.

To quote myself upon learning this:

"Aw, crap."

Pretty much says it all.



  1. Let's hope not! I was just there once again. A special journey in order to visit, but rained out, unfortunately.
    A very special place.

  2. Me again... I'll be very curious to learn what is going to happen.
    My "Let's hope not" was re: your earlier post, of course, as to whether there would be a dump next to the park.
    This wonderfully mystical and magical parkland is a treasure for those of us nearby, and all those who come from the far corners to experience the landscape of Joshua Tree.
    Please keep us all posted if you hear more about this.

  3. @ Alice: Yes, if I hear updates, I will share them. I totally agree with you re: that amazing place.


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