Monday, April 4, 2011

grazed by mule deer, in both senses of the word

This is the sight that freaked my cat out this a.m.: so close!

Mama face
Can you see (just barely) those 10 foot long eyelashes?
Or, are they eyebrows? The SUPER high archy v. long ones.

 Mom's now stage right, mit cartoon shadow

Next this one of the fawn (south lawn) is blurry 'cause it's 
 moving rapidly away from the paparazza in low morning light.
"Woah, where'd you come from? You're way too close!"

First appearance of baby, stage right. A dramatic foreshadowing...

Now baby and shadow.


Oh, baby!

(a bit closer view. cutie!)


Nothing earth shattering today,
just thought I'd share duh dee-ah.


ps weeded in garden, unplanned, today. dirt under fingernails, so I'm happy, and will take pics of my pretty, purple broccoli, soon. so exciting it's all starting, and I got HUGE handfuls of weeds for the chickens to eat, so it's very much win win. Woo-hoo! =)


  1. Wonderful story, what an awesome visitor to your yard. I love those "lashes" she must be the envy of all the girl deer....

  2. I've never noticed the shadows on deer before but your photos show those long legs - neat. See that little bump between the ear and the eye on the second photo? I think those are the pedicels or the growing base of the future antlers and you have a boy deer there. I was watching a deer in my yard this morning and when I bothered to put my glasses on, I realized he had 2" long velvet clubs on his head already. He got close enough I could see his - ahem- junk.

  3. MObugs, I KNOW, right? Imagine having puppies like that creating little wind eddies in front of your face all the time. Nice!

    Cindy: To quote me (staring sleepily at pic #2): "Oh, YEAH!" NICE job. TOTALLY nailed it. Baby boy! =) So cute. You are so funny re: deer revealing. Good way to confirm your gender guess.


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