Thursday, May 26, 2011

been in the field, pardon... =) 2 rattlers, today!!

So, my fatty Nikon D50 is harder to carry around, yank out of my pack at a rattler, etc. BUT, it has the advantage of me knowing how to USE it to actually, you know, FOCUS. On the SUBJECT.

Today's BEST shot of a rattlesnake. (erg.)

The BIGGEST rattlesnake, of course, I did NOT get a picture of. My task was to grab it out of a burrow and move it to the happy side of the wildlife fencing (i.e. the side that does NOT lead to cars and squishing). Did not succeed 'cause it decided it did NOT want to move so glided further into a ground squirrel burrow complex (outtareach and undaground).

I will admit that it was HUGE, I was a little intimidated.

Here's a co-worker moving a very cranky gopher snake to the happy side of the fence.

the go-fa-snake

Zoom in on me. The chick who took my photo cannot use her new camera, so every time she crops a shot, well, almost, the computer says the new shot is 0KB. And I'm handsome!

Honestly, I just ate a scone post dinner (what's up with that??) so I gotta get to the gym right now. More some other time. When?? Hard 2 say.

=) Back in the field next week, more snaky rescue, possibly with my bulky-yet-beloved Nikon fatty. =)

Hope y'all are well!



  1. Luck-y (said in Napoleon Dynamite voice). I want to sign up for your team.

  2. I KNOW! You shoulda seen that GIANT one. WOW! AND when I was sitting on the ground in front of a patch of mustard, a female Bullock's oriole decided to look for goodies there so I got a great look at a lovely lady, and some decent looks at her dashing man. WOW!!


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