Sunday, May 22, 2011

hazards of being a biologist and a foodie...

... just now I was listening to a food show and looking at biology blogs.

Right as I was staring at a big picture of a spider, Lynn Rosetto Casper says "Slice those babies up, fry 'em and eat 'em."

Before I knew it, the image of slabs of giant spiders plopping into a hot, oiled cast iron pan appears in my head.


And it's not even 7 a.m.

Hm, and now I've passed it on to you.

So... to make up for it, here's shots of TINY tiny turtles, one of which is 2 inches long and looks like a circular saw. SO CUTE!!!


New Camera

And, FYI, I've tested our new little Nikon Coolpix (a.k.a. camera much easier to have with me in the field than my Nikon D50), and it seems to work like a charm.

The very first photo our camera takes: Scout on bb's lap.

Our little black kitty which the camera did NOT see to focus upon in the 1st 2 shots. A DARK cat. The 2nd attempt to focus, the camera put up a grid of rectangles to indicate the focused area, divided into two columns of three rectangles, and every rectangle EXCEPT the one on Bucky was highlighted.

He's our little invisible/silent assassin ninja kitty. =)

I like that picture 'cause he looks like a muppet.

So, this means I may be able to take some shots in the field next week and get them to you BEFORE the memory card for my cell phone (so many steps to get those photos OUT Of my phone!) arrives in the mail. =)

UPDATE on Mother Nature is Trying to Kill Me

There's a tiny chance of rain and I'm praying it happens: was again attacked by nature at the end of last week and again only got home thanks to allergy pills and nearly lethal amounts of coffee.

Eyes were FREAKY puffy and red yesterday morning, frightening poor Bear.

Spent yesterday getting symptoms to go away, staring out the window spaced out on allergy pills. AND washing my field clothes to get rid of the pollen.

I'm MUCH better today, tho' still scratching at red dots on wrists, some of which were from dropping to the ground to catch/rescue a small lizard and thus impaling my wrists on a bed of thistle... Oops. =)

Garden Update


I have TODAY ONLY to plant ALL my garden plants
(tomatoes, peppers, basil).

Check out how CRAZY tall that one tomato plant got. Jeepers!

Just to freak you out (as it does me), a reminder:
bb's garden SEVEN DAYS AGO.

So, wish me luck! =)

You know, if you feel like it.

I've recently decided I don't like bossy blogs or tweets ("follow this person" "vote for my kitty in this photo contest" "put ur right foot in, put ur right foot out, put ur right foot in, and shake it all about").

For some reason my reflexive response to these is always  is "No!"

Even if it's "Go here and click on the SAVE ME button to become immortal, perfectly healthy for all time, and infinitely powerful and good."


Maybe because I was the baby; kinda resistant to being bossed around.

ANYhow, what's going on in your neck of the woods?

Any cool gardening/nature haps?



P.S. Since I'm in true confession mode, I CANNOT take Facebook quizzes (which is a good thing) 'cause frequently the grammar is SO BAD it makes my head hurt. I'm sure if I was a bigger person, I could get past it, but I'm not really motivated to spend more time on Fb anyhow... How 'bout you? Any of your electronic media buttons getting pushed?


  1. Just got a smartphone primarily so I have a small camera with me at all times when in field and can't carry the Nikon D60. Of course the cats went on it first. Was up in Sierra Pinecrest area this weekend for photography workshop and it was fun to pop up and down in elevation to see snow, then flowers, and black oaks with no leaves or new leaves so thanks for holding the spring a little longer for us. Red Hills area near Chinese Camp was great for late spring flowers, but forgot to try out new phone camera when quick trip to the bushes revealed a new plant for me Hartweg's Doll's lily, Odontostomum hartwegii. David Lukas was our guest naturalist speaker - funny, detailed, local. I am also totally with you about demanding FB posts and quizzes. You can see some of the photos from workshop, but only if you WANT to, at here.

  2. @ Cindy: Have I ever mentioned that your comments FREQUENTLY delight me? Wow, v. cool plant--never seen it before. Trips to powder my nose is usually when I spent the most quality time with plants in Baja California. =) That class sounds GREAT. I WILL be checking that link out--sounds DEElightful. Yes, due to things at work (working in the field, my coworkers getting their email there and I cannot) I am considering lobbying Bear for a smart phone DESPITE the fact that I just got my first cell phone EVER from Santa in December... =)

  3. If you do, fall for the FB quizzes, you get whiny emails about the progress of the quiz. No thanks. Did it once, and learnt my lesson. When in doubt don't.
    (Methinks the lady doth protest too much - sort of thing). I hate all that - vote for me stuff.


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