Tuesday, May 10, 2011

lunch, courtesy of ma nature and a seed catalogue...

Note the pollen ALL over this pup. Gorgeous thing, though.

Washed lettuce wrapped in thin, cotton kitchen towel.

Then I go outside (learned this the hard way)
and make like a windmill, SWINGING my arm in a circle,
water SPRAYS all over, and lettuce dries.
Major bonus: NO storage space required for this 
salad swinging technique. Nor plastic.

 Clean and dry. Isn't that all we really want? =)

Lunch. Usually has goat cheese, but out, today. Still tasty!

So, little bitta garden, some organic action, some exercise, pretty colors,
it's all good.

And what did you have for lunch, yesterday?


ps posting from the road, so we'll see how often this haps. xoxo

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