Monday, May 9, 2011

woo-hoo! Biobabbler is a weiner @ a GREAT blog...

I LOVE this blog, Beasts in a Populous City, WONderful photos, charming writing. Two thumbs way up. And, a few of her flamingo photographs are some of the most beautiful, drawing-you-in photos I've ever seen. STUNNING KILLER shots.

Anyhow, the author had a caption contest and the picture I wrote one for just really said it to me. Seemed SO clearly the intent of that fuzzy face, I just typed it. =)

ANYhow, biobabbler WON THE FREAKIN' CONTEST!!!

Can't believe it.


So, check out all the great pics and fun interpretations--so cute. =)

Thanks, Olivia, for having such a fabulous blog and super fun contest. (the check's in the mail...) =)

SWEET! Makes living through that deadly allergy attack that much better.



P.S. Why, no, I'm not the LEAST bit competitive, why do you ask? =) (competitive nut job)
P.P.S. SWEET! Totally pumped. Wanna make-a t-shirt and wear it at all times.


  1. We'll congrats on the contest! Winning

  2. You completely deserve it! I'm glad it gave your not-competitive-at-all spirit a lift! :) (And thanks for the kind words!)


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