Wednesday, June 15, 2011


uploaded 5 photos and was watermarking them all.

then my computer freaked out and the internet/my computer ATE them all.

I do not have time to re-do it now.


k. here's the one that worked.

not a scenic one... not even super sharp, but I loved that green strip.

anyhow, going to garden now.

Once again, I am wearing a cute outfit today, then by the time my husband arrives home, I will be in grubbies and covered in dirt.


ah, life married to a biodork.



  1. I like that photo a lot! The textures are fantastic. I can almost feel the moss. (Ah, moss! I did a report on them in 4th grade; I think it mainly consisted of my saying, "There are different kinds," and then brining in examples to prove it.)

  2. =) Thanks, Olivia. I LOVE your report on your report. Deelightful. I bet all your report cards mentioned something about "a bright child." =)

    Once while visiting Olympic NP I noticed a sidewalk COVERED in moss and freaked out as that would NEVER EVER happen where I worked in San Diego. No rain, tiny park, and huge visitation (10,000 steps on sidewalk/day) = no mossy sidewalk, no chance.

    This spring there was actually some moss in my garden, 'neath all the grasses. V. unusual. WET spring.


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