Thursday, June 30, 2011

jeepers, bb = Nature Center Magazine blog of the week?!?


Just when you think you're blogging to an audience of four, a FIFTH person, rifling through the thick forest that is the Interenet, reaches out...


woo-hoo! =) Thanks to Emma who spotted my babblings and liked them enough to share.

She wrote a great overview on the Nature Center Magazine site, linking to a diverse set of stories & pictures, some that go WAY back (you know, relative to the biobabbler timeline). I'd forgotten about that wacky wildfire in So. Cal. that brought about some cool pics. And my Spokesbuck. And that our bobcat's name is Max.

My aunt encouraged me to start this blog, tho' I'd been "blogging to nowhere" (a file on my mac) for a while. She suggested getting snowed in, having deer as lawn art, hosting MANY wild predator species (bobcats, foxes, coyotes, bears and mountain lions interested in my chickens), adventures in Yosemite, and wrangling rattlesnakes are not things everyone experiences.

So, okay, maybe I'll put this stuff out there... any minute now...

Getting brave... looks a little scary...



Oh, yeah. Wild and scary is also frequently beautiful...

It's always worth it.

'Cause, whether you're headed out on a solo trek,

or cruising around with friends,

as long as you're rooting around in nature,

You're never alone.

=) Thanks SO much Emma, I'll definitely be checking y'all out!

And thank YOU, all you very kind blog readers and commenters.
I'm having a ball, have loved finding your blogs and learning from you.

It's an awesome adventure!

Kinda, you know, like life.




  1. I'm glad you took your aunt's advice!

  2. What nice things you say. I have a great time traveling the internet looking for excellent sites like yours. Thank you for your comments, but the pleasure is all mine. Wonderful pictures today. The waterfall is my favorite. Your aunt must be a genius.

  3. I agree with Emma, your Aunt is a genus, the blogging community wouldn't be complete without your fun, interesting and lively posts. I enjoy reading them and learning about your neck of the woods....and congrats on the "blog of week"

  4. congrats...and thank YOU...i haven't been around here long...just recently found you...and i'm glad i did!


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